Custom Home Builders

How to Prepare for a Selections Meeting

So, you have found land, picked a house plan, and settled on a budget… now comes the fun stuff! The selections meeting is where you will choose every single thing that goes into your home. Our showroom has options for everything from flooring to cabinet hardware! If you do not love something in our showroom, you can visit a local material supplier and choose the exact color, finish, or style that you want. This meeting involves making tons of decisions, but do not be stressed, all decisions made at your selections meeting can be viewed and changed in our online portal until the time we are ready to order the materials. Continue reading to see a few tips that we have to make the selections process as go as smooth as possible.


1. Understand what is included in our base price and request pricing, before your selections meeting for anything beyond our standard.

We believe that you can build a beautiful home with just our standard features but also understand that there are items that you may want that we do not include. It is best to receive pricing for these items before your selections meeting so that there are no surprises, and the process is smooth. Examples of upgraded items that you might request pricing for include tiled backsplash, tile floor, taller cabinets, and special ceilings. Anything that you can dream of for your home, it is best to request pricing upfront.


2. Look at inspiration beforehand!

Our Facebook site is a great place to find examples of our in-house selection choices in action! Feel free to comment on pictures that you like to see exactly what material was used. Pinterest is a great resource as well. It is a great way to keep all of your inspiration pictures in one place that is easy to reference. We might not have the exact material that was used in your inspiration, but we are sure we can find something close to achieve your dream look!


3. Be prepared to change your mind.

We understand that making so many decisions at once can be overwhelming! It is completely normal to change your mind. In most cases, we have the selections meeting to help nail down the total cost of your build and to send your selections to your lender. Do not feel like once you decide on a color or finish that day it is what you have to go with. We fully understand changing your mind and people do it all of the time!